Two Casinos To Be Shut In January End

The Caesars Entertainment company has announced that it will be closing the Tunica Casino which is situated in Mississippi and this activity will put almost more than 150 people out of employment. The property is huge enough with more than 30,000 ft in its area and there are more than 700 slot machines situated here, and all of these will be shut by the month of January before its end.

The reason for the closure as stated by the company is the decline in the activity of its business, and this could be stemmed to the competition which has been increasing regularly amongst the different casinos offering different poker activities.

The region Tucano has already been struggling to keep up with its casinos and since the year of 2014, this is the second casino that has been shut. Part of the reason can also be attributed to the fact that there are a lot of online poker tournaments coming up, which has resulted in people spending less time in casinos. The region was also once the conducting place for the World Poker Tournament. The state in the United States of America has more than 28 casinos in its area and all of them have been struggling in one way or the other thanks to the increasing competition.

The World Poker tournament which was held in this region has also seen a lot of players getting record victories from the different games that were offered. There have been strict regulations in place by the government also in order to avoid crimes related to betting that has resulted in the tying up of activities by casinos in general. The poker market in the country is big enough though, in order to sustain the loss of such casinos.