25 thoughts on “Suge Knight Fight in Casino – Aria, Las Vegas CAUGHT ON CELL CAM

  1. David Siova

    If YOu Think Suge Can Fight? Theres Only One Way To Settle THis And That

  2. Leon Cort

    Think people should just leave suge alone now. H e dont trouble anybody and
    everybody thinks now hes older they wanna have a shot at him…..if your so
    bad why didnt you take a shot at him in 1993 era??? exactly!!!!…..so dont
    try and act tough now! PATHETIC losers!!!!

  3. jasonputang

    @youxxmustxxbexxera 2 be fair, he was only knocked out once. The other time
    he was jumped, and didn’t get ko’d. So y r u exaggerating? For his size he
    moves around ok as a fighter, but he’s a fat ass now, plus he’s like 45 n’
    shit. His last 2 punches seemed good, hard to tell from the angle on the
    phone. His first few punches were wack though.

  4. RolandeMusic

    Dude looks like he’s 5′ 10”, thats like average height……theyre acting
    like someone Eazy-E size tried to fight him.

  5. makaveli000

    Word up! Suge still the man! Deathrow wouldnt have been what it was without
    Suge-straight up!! Look at Big Suge swinging at that bitch made ni££a! Team
    Row 4ever!!!!

  6. Vu Keary

    @donmega818 i doubt that. he always seemed like a bluff. i wanna see him of
    that time go against a current crocop; i like crocop btw.

  7. kuze mnú

    whats the name of the songs ? whats the name of the songs ? whats the name
    of the songs ? whats the name of the songs ?

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