David Einhorn, The Hedge Fund Billionaire Places Sixth In The Major Poker Tournament

David Einhorn, Hedge fund billionaire and another 26 businessmen along with poker players each ponied up $1 million to enter in the tournament World Series of Poker’s “Big One for One Drop”.

Einhorn finished at the sixth place; he has been just short of taking home prize money. The tournament held in Las Vegas on Tuesday night.

David Einhorn went out from the $1 million buy-in poker tournament at the time when he was few hands short of taking home prize money, in Las Vegas. Einhorn along with 26 other businessmen as well as poker players ponied up $1 million to participate in the tournament World Series of Poker’s “Big One for One Drop”.

Einhorn was able to handle the game beautifully and successfully survived two days of play. He entered in the third day and the players at fifth with the most chips of the 6 remaining players. During the game, while other players were trying all they could to avoid elimination, Einhorn wasn’t seen so cautious and he was playing aggressively.

He finished at the sixth-place and finishing at sixth position Einhorn receives no prize money. If he would have managed to stay till fifth place, he would have paid out $2 million. It is not like Einhorn was part of the tournament for the first time, but for the year has been a regular on the World Series of Poker, and he has won amount in the event. But, he always gives the winnings to the charity.

At this year’s event, he was spotted wearing a shirt that said “Service Year”. This is a charity that lets people to serve in the community for one year, and be paid for it.