Poker Stars WCOOP Events

The PokerStars WCOOP events are ongoing and on day 19th Jack O’Neill won the COOP title for the second time.

This time it was a commanding way that he gained the win. As the World Championship of Online Poker is ongoing there were nine champions who were selected on Day 19. On Tuesday there were four low and five events of high stakes were completed.

Jack O’Neill, who is also nicknamed “jakdaripaa”, outlasted about 1780 entrants which made him a star; though the final table was filled with star studded contestants, he managed to win the title which was his second achievement at the same tournament. He had won the same title in 2015. Continue reading “Poker Stars WCOOP Events”

Moore Defends $1,000 Buy-In Super Seniors Title

James Moore is on top of the world after winning the $1,000 buy-in the Super Seniors at the 2017 World Series of Poker event.

The main reason for his happiness is that he was able to successfully defend his 2016 WSOP title. He has won at the WSOP event back-to-back and this no mean feat.

The 66-year-old Pennsylvanian Moore was in a pool of 1,720 players and had to play at his best in order to end up in the top position of the final table. With this win, he was able to take home $259,230 as the first place prize money. He also won his second successive WSOP gold bracelet.

Moore posed for the photographers after winning the event with the same hat that he wore when he won the 2016 WSOP $1,000 buy-in Super Seniors event. Moore told reporters after the victory that he was shell-shocked to win the event. It is always a dream for poker players to win events back to back. Continue reading “Moore Defends $1,000 Buy-In Super Seniors Title”

Bucharest Event For Poker Players

The Unibet Main Event that is coming up in Bucharest in December promises to be a long and thrilling event for all.

The event is planned from November 30th to December 4th. It is definitely a great way to welcome in the holiday season for all poker players around the world. This event is not new and Unibet has been holding it for a decade now. However, this year it is being held in Bucharest for the first time in Romania. For that reason, the poker players have much to look forward to.

Romania as a country has much to offer, unique attractions that are often bypassed by most world tourist travelers. Having a rich and varied history, albeit a scary one with the Dracula tales centered on this region, it might as well be a fantastic realm that will be a unique holiday destination for poker enthusiasts. Continue reading “Bucharest Event For Poker Players”

Osalan Wins Aussie Millions Event #4

The event #4 at the Aussie Millions featured $1,150 (ASD) buy-in. Serge Osalan took down the event #4 of the Aussie Millions held at Crown Melbourne for a winning amount of AUD$58,315.

He is the second local player to be crowned champion for an event at the 2017 Aussie Millions and he looks delighted with his achievement. This was the first event of the four pot-limit Omaha events scheduled for the Aussie Millions.

Osalan was over the moon as this is the first time that he has won cash in an Aussie Millions tournament. This is his first win at the Aussie Millions tournament and also his first tournament win. There is no better feeling for a local lad to win his first tournament on home soil and Osalan is pretty much pleased with his poker efforts at the Aussie Millions this time.    Continue reading “Osalan Wins Aussie Millions Event #4”

Borgata Makes Claims Of Ivey

Borgata has made a claim of fifteen million and more from Phil Ivey and his partner.

There was a dispute raised against certain baccarat sessions that Phil and his partner played in 2012. Borgata placed a claim against which the legal team for Phil and his partner has responded back. As per the casino, the players used a technique called the edge sorting that gave a small but distinct advantage in winning against the casino. Their winnings were about ten million. The casino from Atlantic City now wants the comps and the total value to be returned back as well as the sum the players would have won if they played normally.

Ivey however got a ruling from court last month stating that he had not committed fraud. However, there was a breach as a mathematical edge was gained over the casino that goes against the terms and conditions of the contract that the players need to sign with the casino. Continue reading “Borgata Makes Claims Of Ivey”

Everest Poker closing in France

Recently, Everest Poker said its French customers that as of 31st May, 2016, it would no longer be assailable for business.

Betclic Everest Group, its parent company, who also works Betclic Poker in addition to Everest, would instead concentrate their efforts in France on this Betclic brand. customers would not be left empty-handed as they would be left with 2 opportunities. They could either withdraw all their funds or could transfer their accounts to the, and by doing that they can keep their whole bankroll, VIP status, as well as Summit Points all intact. Poker players that select to do neither are anticipated to mechanically have their balances brought back to them in 2016’s October.
On a lot of the levels it makes great sense to stress on one brand in France where internet poker is declining constantly. What is more to this is that both poker clients function on the web that has not been able to gain important traction in the ring- walled French marketplace.
Continue reading “Everest Poker closing in France”

Poker players cheat casino by swapping cards underneath the table

A group raked in £33600 (€44663) playing 3-card poker at Grosvenor Victoria Casino, in Edgware Road, London. The scam worked with two players shifting cards to constitute a winning hand, as a 3rd plotter carked the dealer with talk as well as a 4th acted as a lookout.
Tarik Nergiz and Ergun Yasar, both 33 years old, pleaded guilty to cabal to cheat between 4th April, 2014 and 2nd May, 2014 on the first day of their Old Bailey court trial. Three other co- suspects, Ozgur Aytekin Ali Kuyar and Murat Kolcak have already accepted the fault.
Charles Wide, the judge, adjourned sentencing for all 5 men till 9th February. The judge warned the suspects that he was not ruling out a jail sentence, stating that there must be “no promises, no expectation”. Two persons – Nergiz (Osbaldston Road, Hackney, north London) and Yasar (William Street, Tottenham, north London) will remain on bail.

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Vera Kelleher: A Good Score Poker Player

A poker player has to have good skills. She has played very great game. She has been playing the game of poker for large amount of time. She has been playing the game of poker. She has been playing the game of poker where she gets a lot of large amount of poker games.

Total Winnings that she has Casino $31,994 Total Cashes Casino 3 this makes the game very interesting and makes the game really best for all the poker game. She is a player who has played the game for long time in the world series of poker tournament.

She has played the game very good manner at the world series of poker game. She has made very score at the world series of poker game. She has won the 3 casino at World Series of poker game. This makes the game very interesting and we can enjoy the game for long time. She has made the game really interesting and fabulous for all the viewers at the international poker game. She is a player who has entitled great records at the European poker game. She has won the game at the European poker tournament. She has also played vital role in playing the European poker tournaments that makes her a famous poker player. This is a place where she has won the titles as well as cashes in the international poker series Continue reading “Vera Kelleher: A Good Score Poker Player”

David Kitai Embodies Perspicacity in the Poker Landscape

The poker arenas have attracted many people from all the corners of the world. There are players who have written their own stories in the poker books by leaving a mark at global circuit events. David Kitai is a Belgian-based player whom every purist would want to rub shoulders with or share a table.

He has not only ranked #11th in the Global Poker Index in 2014 but was the first professional player from his country to notch a World Series of Poker bracelet. His outstanding performance is cemented by his inclusion in the top five tripartite crown winners sharing the pedestal with the likes of Roland De Wolfe, Jake Cody alongside Gavin Griffin.

This hegemony is occupied by those who have contemporaneously won the EPT, WSOP bracelet and WPT. His notable winning milestones have one common strand, joining the poker arenas for far-reaching rewards. Continue reading “David Kitai Embodies Perspicacity in the Poker Landscape”