Borgata Makes Claims Of Ivey

Borgata has made a claim of fifteen million and more from Phil Ivey and his partner.

There was a dispute raised against certain baccarat sessions that Phil and his partner played in 2012. Borgata placed a claim against which the legal team for Phil and his partner has responded back. As per the casino, the players used a technique called the edge sorting that gave a small but distinct advantage in winning against the casino. Their winnings were about ten million. The casino from Atlantic City now wants the comps and the total value to be returned back as well as the sum the players would have won if they played normally.

Ivey however got a ruling from court last month stating that he had not committed fraud. However, there was a breach as a mathematical edge was gained over the casino that goes against the terms and conditions of the contract that the players need to sign with the casino.

Edge sorting was used in other baccarat sessions as well and it is said that the strategy helps the players to place large amounts of bets and make large wins as the chances become more favorable for them. However the court’s dictum ruled that the case was not akin to commitment of fraud.

The legal dispute will be on for some time till a more definite verdict is reached. Though the wins had taken place in 2012, the case still continues to be tried in court. Phil Ivey is considered a poker legend and his legal team has enough proof to showcase that it cannot be made to look like a case of total fraud. However, the case might end in some earnings having to be returned back to the casino as certain terms have been violated in the contract signed.